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What’s going on?

SYDNEYHAPPYDEALS.COM.AU is fast growing project with focus on promoting the best deals in Sydney in order to bring more customers to local pubs, restaurants, clubs or leisure, travel, fitness activities. We use creative & modern marketing techniques, graphics and content to ensure that our visitors will stick with our brand and stay updated everyday!

Why advertise with us?

Advertising with SYDNEYHAPPYDEALS.COM.AU is a great way to show off your place, services you offer and make your business more popular. Add your business to our listing and let people know where are you located, what is the nature of your business and give them reason to visit you!

Marketing for FREE?

Advertising with us is completely FREE. In year 2015 we will introduce advertising packages with different options, such as, basic / advanced listings, blog articles, FB paid posts, featured places, special offers, etc… basic listing will stay free.

Do you have a deal?

If you are dare enough to change the pace of your business send a query regarding to advertisement to and we will to get back to you as soon as possible.

All what we are asking for is to provide “discounted” products, prizes in other words to offer a deal so we can target local consumers.