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Remote work basically means not working in your company building. It can be a freelancing job or employee-based jobs. Remote work is becoming a norm in most companies today.  Remote work is defined in different terms; telecommuting, telework, virtual job, and home-based job. An individual under remote work is called a “teleworker,” “telecommuter,” “home-sourced employee” or “work-at-home employee.”  Telecommuters can work from home, at coffee shops or other more appealing environs. By 2020, 50% of the workforce in the developed countries is expected to be working remotely thanks to advanced technology and the high network capacity.

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Remote work has more good to both the company and the worker.

  • – Remote workers have a very low level of stress since they chose to work in a way that suits them and the business.
  • – Remote workers are well connected through smartphones, social media, using the new trends like video conferencing, remote administration, BYOD and the cloud-based management.
  • – Remote workers are less expensive; this allows companies save on rent and the in-house utilities because there is no need for a physical office.  
  • – Remoters enjoy work/life balance because working hours don’t matter it is only the quality and quantity of work that matters in telework. The flexible model allows Mons with little children earn money and at the same time look after their children.
  • – Remote working gives a room for choice.
  • – Remote work is good for the environment; less commuting means a low carbon footprint.

Remote venues are much better than the traditional office environment. In Sydney today, there are great places for remote working giving you a variety to choose from. Students who may wish to do their studies away from school can do it at these remote venues. Such venues are best for exam revision and even writing your long papers like the dissertation, thesis, and research papers.

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Let me give you a checklist for finding a place to work in Sydney:

  • – Availability of free WiFi
  • – An enthusiastic staff
  • – Reasonably priced food and drinks
  • – A work vibe environment, not too small nor too big, not too busy and not too quiet.

7 best places for a remote work in Sydney

Creperie Suzette, The Rocks


Image Source

Location: 35 Harrington St, The Rocks. WiFi: good quality.

Suits individual who love everything French from food to the melodies.

Visit: facebook.com/CreperieSuzetteSydney

“I always come here specifically for the French crepes. Yummy!” Jenney.

The Tea Salon, Pitt Street Mall


Location: Level 4, Westfield Sydney. WiFi: great quality provides by Westfield, Sign in via the welcome page.

The best place to think and plan. It is a tranquil spot. The best place for tea and excellent sandwiches.

“As a freelance writer, this is my place away from home. I love the ambiance; the staff is awesome. The prices of meals here are pocket-friendly” Kim.

Tap espresso & salad bar, martin place


Location: 52 Martin PI, Sydney. WiFi: high quality (ask staff for password)

It is more of an office; it gives you an office feeling. They serve coffee, cherry ripe slices and you can choose your style salads. For more info visit www.facebook.com/tapcafe

“I love the choose-your-own style salads at this place. I often go to the office, but when I have extra work to be done away from the office, I come to this place” Charlotte.

Settlement on Quay, Circular Quay

sydney cafe

Image Source

Location: 33 Alfred Street, Sydney.  WiFi: great quality

It suits individuals who don’t mind working to the soundtrack. Get an opportunity to watch the Sydney harbor. For inquiries visit Settlementquay.com.au

“I love the noisy chatter and the busy surrounding. It works best for me” Remy.  

Georges, Piccadilly center


Location: Chop 27, 210 Pitt Street. WiFi: good quality

Most quite place for remote workers along the Pitt Street Mall area. The menu is excellent especially the breakfast option. The tables are big enough for your books and laptop.

Visit our page georgespiccadilly.com.au

William says “the poached eggs and toast from the Piccadilly center is incomparable. The environment suits me much. I have written several books from this spot.”

Du Liban, Erskine Street

Location: 54 Erskine Street. WiFi: excellent quality -password provided at reception

The best place away from the busy CBD. It is a must visit, working or not working.

Visit www.duliban.com.au

“I always trek to this location at the central part of the CBD. The baklava here elevates my concentration, as it helps me work better.” Noah

“The baklava is awesome. It is unique, crunchy, I love it” Jean R.

The Four Seasons Hotel, George Street

Location: 199 George Street. WiFi: best quality

The best place away from home. The services are exceptional. The comfy beach seats are what you need.

For more info visit: www.fourseasons.com/sydney

“The comfy beach seats are best for the long hour sitting. This is my daily office away from home. The WiFi is good with the fastest speed of internet” Clay.

“My favorite place, I get free WiFi with great coffee and cherry ripe slice on the side. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to visit this intriguing place.” Lachlan.

Remote workers are more productive compared to in-office employees; they work harder and smarter. Telecommuting is good for everyone globally, and it is the way to go. Co-working from nearby spaces and your own home has environmental benefits.  With remote working, there is less fossil energy, less traffic jam and on a higher note reduction in atmospheric pollution. People will commute less to the big city, and this will help revive the rural and the semi-rural areas. Make the change today; it’s time to turn to the digital age.  

Note: Before embarking on any remote job, read the job descriptions carefully to understand what the company means by the virtual job.


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