Best Places for Sports Fans in Sydney

Sport is extremely important for a healthy way of life. However, some people are talented enough to devote the whole their lives to sports and become professional sportsmen. Others may become good fans only. Fortunately, sports events become so interesting today that many people are ready to travel all over the world to see the most prominent of them.

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Top Six Places to Visit in Sydney for Sports Fans

Each country has many interesting places for sports fans to visit, and Australia is not an exception because it still can be a house for a great number of sports competitions. Australia is also considered an ideal country for active people because the larger part of its population is good in surfing, tennis, and other kinds of sports activities. Here are top places of Sydney, the capital of Australia, that will be interesting for each sports fan:

ANZ Stadium

This stadium was built in 1996 especially for the Olympic Games 2000. This stadium is considered a multipurpose venue that had record attendance during the Olympic Closing Ceremony 2000 (114,714 people). This building was created in a high-tech style, and it is worth seeing even if you are not a sports fan. In addition, you may devote Your Custom Essay to this stadium as one of the best places in the history of modern Olympic Games.

Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney Cricket Ground is considered a nice symbol of sport in Australia. This stadium was established in 1848. However, regardless its great history, this place has a very futuristic design today. Therefore, if you are a sports fan and you have a chance to visit Sydney, don’t forget to include this place in the list of places to visit because it is a great cricket and sports ground complex.

Rushcutters Bay Park

The Rushcutters Bay Park is a good place for people who prefer sports activities in the open air. This great greenfield area in the eastern suburb of Sydney is nice for walks and sports. Therefore, if you are looking for a good place for a picnic or a tennis match in Sydney, you should go there.

Alexandria Basketball Stadium

This stadium is considered the home of the Sydney Comets – the best basketball team in Australia. In addition, it is also a heart of Sydney Basketball Association – a non-profit organization promoting the growth of basketball in the area. Hence, if you are a great fan of basketball, don’t miss your chance to visit this place in Sydney.

Allianz Stadium

The Allianz Stadium, also known as Sydney Football Stadium, is a great football arena located near Sydney Cricket Ground. Although it doesn’t have a great history of Sydney Cricket Ground (it was established in 1988 only), it is one of great arenas for football, rugby, and soccer in Australia. Hence, as a sports fan, you may visit this place of interest as well.

Sydney Olympic Park

As a host country for the Olympics 2000, Australia also has the Olympic Park located in the west suburb of Sydney. Therefore, if the history of the Olympic Games is interesting to you, you may also visit this place to see how Australians held the Olympics 2000.

Australia and its capital Sydney have many different places that can be interesting for sports fans, and you can visit them all if you have enough time. Certainly, it is always great to travel for great sports events that leave good memories in our hearts for a long time. So, plan your route in Sydney accordingly!   

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