Best Places to View Sydney for Free

A city centre full of sky scrapers, there are buildings scattered across the CBD and surrounding suburbs which give unfiltered view of Sydney’s magnificent skyline. If you don’t want to pay, and haven’t established any connections with a concierge willing to let you up, here are some of the best viewpoints to soak in that scene for free.

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Top 10+ Weekend Trips from Sydney

Despite being one of the most beautiful cities to live in, every now and then one can do with an escape from the grind of Sydney city life. Coastal walks not quite doing it for you anymore? Growing weary of the same shopping malls? Want a more peaceful nightlife scene for a change? It could be time for a weekend getaway. Here we have a handpicked list of weekend trips from Sydney.

10 Best Places to Visit Around Sydney

While the Sydney CBD itself has a great range of activities and sights to see, you’ll be missing out if you don’t travel around a bit. The areas in and around Sydney are famous for their beaches and coastal areas where you can take a walk, have a BBQ or enjoy one of the many public swimming pools. Australia’s climate means that you can enjoy the places around Sydney almost all year round.

Amazing Places Where to Hang Out in Sydney

There are just few places in the world where you can get lost in the middle of warm summer evening and never go back, unless you have to go to work the next day. Welcome to Australia’s biggest city, place bursting with pubs, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops etc. Let’s have a look and focus on some really interesting and unique places where to hang out in Sydney.

News Flash – Life Exists Over The Bridge!!

Growing up on the North Shore of Sydney with a passion for learning about other cultures and meeting other people, I met a multitude of people from different parts of Sydney, Australia and the world. However, upon learning I was from the North, I often encountered the following reaction – “Wow! That’s so far away!” My response was usually that the North is, shockingly, the exact same distance from the city as the city is from the North. Often, this was followed up with a “But what can you do on the North?”